Project Description

Conflicts at the workplace can be damaging, no matter in which industry you are working in India. Even if you work as a human resource manager, law enforcement officer, or executive, if you don’t have Conflict management skills you can’t handle conflicts quickly. Therefore, if you want to keep your team members working smoothly, you will need to learn conflict resolution in the workplace despite disagreements.

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What do we focus on in this course?

  • Our priority is to help students understand themselves and their goals first. With improved understanding of self and realizing the importance of resolving conflict, students get an insight into how they can accomplish their target without undermining others.
  • By learning how to resolve conflicts at the workplace, both you and your team members can develop mutual respect and, ultimately, a renewed faith in their ability to work together as a team.
  • Conflict pushes colleagues away from each other, and they can fail to examine their goals. By emphasizing self-knowledge improvement, we help students understand the most valuable things and sharpen their focus on work.
  • Additionally, our training program will enhance your resume with real, time-tested, top-ranked conflict management skills training designed for graduates who wish to remain employed while they complete their further studies.

What will you learn from this course?

  • With a step by step guide of conflict resolution, you will learn to communicate clearly as a manager.

  • You will learn to give and receive constructive feedback with these training courses.

  • Students will learn to adjust their behaviour and understand different stages in a group’s development.

  • Students will learn how to use various conflict resolution styles and understand the need for setting clear guidelines for team behavior.

  • After completing the conflict resolution course from VJ Academy, students will distinguish between management, leadership and manage conflicts easily.
  • With this vital soft skill training, students will now maintain a healthy work relationship and focus on teamwork.
  • With a conflict resolution in the workplace, students will get to understand relationships and leadership better.

  • Students will also be able to motivate team members and productively build trust.

  • Students can surpass in management roles, plan the operations of the team effectively.

  • After training, students will also help their colleagues perform better at their work and bring positive and profitable results.

Why Join VJ Academy?

  • We make sure that building good relationships is your priority.
  • Our intelligent trainers teach you to treat the other person in your workspace with respect, be courteous, & discuss matters constructively.
  • We invite expert trainers to introduce students to separate people from problems and talk about work issues without damaging relationships with colleagues.
  • Our strategically fabricated short-term course helps you understand others’ points of view and patiently listen to them before defending yourself.
  • We offer a student-friendly and healthy study with cooperative faculty, air-conditioned classes, and affordable course fees.

Therefore, stop thinking and take your career to new heights with world-class soft skill training at VJ Academy.

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