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Sturdy negotiation strategies are crucial to our success both in our personal lives and job. Generally without learning how to negotiate salary, influencing and shaping your opponent’s behavior is impossible. It is because negotiation involves a strategy and is an art of developing relationships and building trust. Soft skills training institutes like VJ Academy in India help students learn proper negotiations, which results in mutually satisfying agreements for both parties.

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What we focus on in our negotiation skills training program?

This negotiation skills training in VJ Academy is based on a result-oriented four-step process. It starts with planning your negotiation process, Negotiation Strategy, Use of Key Negotiating Tactics for Success, negotiating a salary, performing, and evaluating skills yourself.

  • Firstly, in this course, we teach the basics of negotiation skills, practice negotiating, and skills to become a successful negotiator in various jobs and business transactions.

  • Secondly, we teach the critical components of negotiating in the office & you’ll learn how to complete a negotiation analysis in the future. 
  • Our focus is on teaching students how to use the power of other soft skills like effective communication during negotiations, and help them understand the psychological tools that they can use during negotiations.
  • With our practical training, hands-on learning of negotiating skills, we also teach students the dispute resolution processes.

What will you learn from this training?

  • This training program is designed to help you figure out the obstacles and differences as opportunities in a negotiation.
  • VJ Academy’s Soft skills training will help you understand a range of subjects based on current research in management and leadership to learn negotiating strategies to help you achieve better outcomes.

  • With proper knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of practical negotiation skills, you will be able to ace salary negotiation.


  • After completing this training, you will be able to interpret others’ behavior at the negotiating table.

  • You will learn to master the art of negotiation, diffuse gambits, assess the negotiation landscape, use silence effectively, understand why agreements become imbalanced, silence effectively, and conclude any negotiation successfully.

  • With the training of negotiation skills, you will learn trust-building, relationship development, psychology to change a negotiation from competitive to cooperative, etc.

  • VJ Academy’s negotiation training helps students influence others’ behaviour, evaluate, and develop their smart negotiation skills.

  • After completing the training, students with advanced Negotiation Skills can apply techniques of salary negotiation, non-verbal strategies, visual matrices, shadow negotiations, etc.

Why join VJ Academy for negotiation skill training?

  • Our expert faculty helps you evaluate various perspectives and preferences that may create new opportunities in your workspace.
  • We invite industry experts and experienced trainers to help you anticipate differences in others’ negotiation strategies and avoid misunderstandings in office.
  • Our expert team helps you realize how to negotiate salary and get an impressive outcome by improving other soft skills like self-motivation and communication skills.

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